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EP82 Understanding Stops (More Importantly - Why It’s Useful!)

EP82 Understanding Stops (More Importantly - Why It’s Useful!)

August 31, 2020

Today's podcast was recorded as I travelled to photograph a wedding.  Given this is August 2020 (the year of Covid-19) that is not a particularly common occurrence, with most of our weddings being postponed to 2021 / 2022 so I am probably sounding a little giddy!

As usual, there is an update on what's been happening and then the main topic is all about understanding 'stops' - or, more precisely, why it's USEFUL to understand stops, even in this day and age of automatic everything. 

I promise I do, eventually, get to the point after going through the whys and wherefores of stops, their definitions and some examples.

So a slightly technical episode this one but hopefully useful nonetheless!


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Ep.16 On What’s In The Bag

Ep.16 On What’s In The Bag

May 30, 2018

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