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EP103 On The Witchery Of Words (And The Power Of The Positive)

May 1, 2021

Have you ever wondered how just a few words can make your day or break your heart?  In this episode I ponder on how words are the backbone of portrait photography: during the shoot, they're the only thing you have!

From the minute your client arrives, to the moment you're saying your goodbyes and waving them from your doorstep (you do actually make the effort to see them to their card don't you?!), it's your words and what you say with your body language that is going to make or break the shoot.  Yes, the images will ultimately be the thing you sell, but the experience and the way your client feels during the shoot are so much important than any pixels can be.

Words.  It's all in the witchery of the words.

I mention a piece of software called FoCal in the episode - this is a fantastic app for calibrating your lenses if you happen to own a Nikon or Canon camera (sorry Fuji, Sony, and Olympus users!)  It was recommended by one of our Mastering Portrait Photography members - Bob Foyers ( and may be one of the most useful apps I will see all year! 

FoCal can be found here: You're welcome.  Oh, and thanks to Bob for mentioning it!



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