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EP128 Stay Positive: That ’No’ Might Just Be A ’Yes’ For A Later Date

September 30, 2022

I have honestly grown to love the sales process - from pitch to payment, it is something I never thought I'd get my head around but have surprised myself.

One key aspect is understanding that a 'no' may not be all it seems.  In this episode, Sarah and I have stood out in the weather at Thame Food Festival, pitching to prospective clients.  Not everyone says 'yes' but learning that there are grades of success when it comes to selling, helps me not worry about those who've said 'no'.

During this episode, I mention a piece of software we're now using to expedite our colour correction.  It's called ImagenAI and it uses machine learning to learn how YOU like YOUR colours, and then applies them.  It's very fast, it's very cool, it's incredibly accurate and it's cost-effective.  And, no, I am not in any way being paid to say that - it's just that this podcast was always meant to be helpful to other photographers and this is one of those moments when software is part of that value.  

It can be found at

Enjoy this episode!


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