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EP125 You Set Up The Sale In The Shoot (Not The Saleroom)

July 7, 2022

In this week's episode, I am talking about how we set up the sale in the shoot - not in the salesroom; the salesroom is where we close the deal.  I love this process, and it works, too: happy clients, great images and consistent (and high-value) sales.  Perfect.


Also, this episode is kindly sponsored by Pioneer Eneloop Batteries.  Once again, I am extolling the virtues of replacing all those single-use batteries with eco-friendly, long-life rechargeables.  I did the same thing last year and enjoyed using the batteries (and charger) so much that I went out and bought a complete set of them.  The Zoom recorder I used for this episode has Eneloop Pro batteries in it.  Love them.


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Also, I get carried away and end up chatting about the new headphones I bought - brilliant things!  Was always jealous of Sarah's AirPods Pro that I bought for her (, so as I headed off to work in Ibiza a few weeks ago, I bought some Sony equivalents. Life-changing.  Seriously. Life-changing.  Podcasts, Spotify, and even watching Netflix while I'm retouching, I love these things.  


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