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EP123 Interview With Street Photographer Ross Grieve

May 10, 2022

This episode was recorded in a bar - possibly my favourite but, in contrast to our studio garden - not the quietest place to record audio.  But it makes me happy.  It was at this year’s incredible Societies of Photographers Convention in London where I spent the week judging and, well, generally feeling liberated from the previous two years of lockdown!

The interview is with one of the nicest guys in the industry - Ross Grieve - who is a street and portrait photographer as well as a videographer and Panasonic Ambassador.  He is also the host of the Talking Shot podcast - details of which he gives in the interview.

As always, I asked my interviewee to nominate a book that would make us smile and what a choice it is! The. Far Side, by Gary Larson is one of those books you just can't put down and can't help but feel better for reading.  Well, it is choc-full of funny cartoons after all!

Of course, being in a bar, we had bought ourselves a pint or two and we commence with the obligatory cheers…

During this episode, I also mention the workshops we've introduced here at our studio.  Details of these can be found here on our website.



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