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EP120 Service Is King, No Matter The Market

March 26, 2022

So it's been a month since recording the last podcast.  A busy month. A very busy month.  But during that time I did manage to get some time out with Sarah and our trusty spaniel, Rufus, and go for a walking holiday in South Wales.  

Wales is my home country so it is always a real joy to be back - there is something about the country, its ruggedness and its friendliness in equal measure: a week of walking, enjoying the sights and laughing.  Glorious.

During the week, I had a chance to experience customer service in all its glory (and otherwise) and I took the opportunity of paying attention to see if there is anything we could learn.  

During this podcast, I mention some  workshops we've introduced here at our studio.  Details of these can be found here on our website.



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